Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for the KeyboardKit iOS app (hereby referred to as “the app”). The policy explains how the app collects and shares data.

Whenever this policy mentions “personal data”, it refers to data that can be used to directly or indirectly identify you as an individual. This can include information such as your first and last name, e-mail, home address etc.

Whenever this policy mentions “anonymous data”, it refers to data that can not be used to identify you as an individual, e.g. tracking of screen views and button taps, the logging of device-specific information etc.

Whenever this policy mentions “collecting data”, it refers to the act of gathering and persisting data for the purpose of data analysis, bug fixes, crash reporting etc.

Data is most often generated and collected without your explicit intent. For instance, if the app crashes, it may be caused by a bug that was triggered by an action that you performed, while your intention was not to generate data.

Whenever this policy mentions “handling data”, it refers to handling data that you produce. This may include, but is not limited to, e-mails that you send from the app, text that you enter when you create items in the app etc.

This policy may be updated when new features are added to the app. Whenever this happens, it will be mentioned in the release notes, so that you have the chance to review the updated policy before installing the update.

How data is collected

The app does not collect any personal data.

The app only collects anonymous data if you explicitly opt-in to sharing data and crash reports, through the prompts presented by Apple. The data collection is handled by Apple and you can opt-out at anytime.

Collected data is meant to be used to improve the app and its features, mitigate crashes etc.

How data is handled

The app will not handle any data that you create when you send suggestions, feedback or error reports as e-mails from the app, or when you share content.

Feedback and error reports will be sent using the e-mail client of your choice. Data will be shared using standard iOS sharing components.

The app will also handle any data that you create with the app, such as keyboards and themes. This data is persisted on device and only shared when you explicitly choosed to share it. Created data is deleted from device when you explicitly choose to delete it. Data that you explicitly export or share outside of the app is no longer the app’s responsibility.

The app and website may publish content you explicitly send us with the intent of publishing it within the app. We will always contact you before publishing your creations, to receive your explicit consent. This consent will be stored for as long as your creations are part of the app. You can ask us to remove this content at any time. The removal will take effect in the subsequent app release after your removal request. Your published content can not be removed without a new release of the app. A timeline or deadline for a new app release can never be guaranteed.

How data is shared

The app does not share incoming e-mails. We will not share your personal data with any third party unless you have given us explicit permission or ask us to.

No collected data will be sold to third parties.

Means of communication

Any need to communicate any work carried out as a result of collected data is handled in the release notes, when releasing new versions of the app.

Any further questions regarding this privacy policy can be sent to